The New Publishing Standard

Findaway adds BajaLibros, Leamos, Bidi and Fuuze as audiobook distribution partners


Bridging the Digital Divide with Circulating Tech

Sonoma Index-Tribune

Sonoma library offering portable audiobooks

Publishers Weekly

Findaway Launches Wonderbook Read-Along Format


Going Into 2019, The Publishing Industry Is Excited About Audio

Good E-Reader

Findaway Voices gives authors a 45% Audiobook royalty with Apple iBooks


Findaway Introduces Playaway Kids

Findaway Introduces Wonderbook, the Read-Along by Playaway

Findaway adds Learning Videos to Playaway Launchpad

Findaway Partners with Google for Global Audiobook Launch

Education foundation grants to Portland teachers up 35%

Instaread partners with Findaway to offer audiobooks from Penguin Random House Audio, Blackstone Audio and others.

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Findaway is a global leader in digital content delivery. With the invention of Playaway Preloaded Products, they transformed the way that audiobooks, eBooks, videos and learning tools are circulated in 40,000 libraries, schools, and military installations.

Findaway also revolutionized digital audiobook delivery with AudioEngine, which is quickly becoming the industry’s largest B2B audiobook delivery platform that enables brands to deliver one of the world’s largest collections of digital audiobooks within their own experience.

To learn more about Findaway and the Findawayers who make it all happen, visit

Headshots & Bios

Mitch Kroll thumbnail image
Mitch Kroll
Co-Founder & CEO
Gene Lamarca thumbnail image
Gene Lamarca
VP of Operations
Dean Skinner thumbnail image
Dean Skinner
Chief Creative & Marketing Officer
Pat Hofford thumbnail image
Pat Hofford
Ralph Lazaro thumbnail image
Ralph Lazaro
Chief Digital Officer
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Suzanne Galvez
Chief Content Officer