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A new way to promote Audiobooks

BookBub is entering the exciting world of audiobooks with a new platform called Chirp. We're excited to announce that Chirp is part of the Findaway audiobook distribution network.

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Is Chirp live now?

Yes! Chirp offers a full catalog of audiobooks at and they also send out regular Audiobook Deals to subscribers. To learn more, visit their Chirp FAQs.

How do I get a Chirp Audiobook Deal?

First, make sure your audiobook is available through Findaway. Then, fill out the submission form in your BookBub Partner Dashboard here.

Will submitting my audiobook to Findaway guarantee me a Chirp promotion?

The deals featured on Chirp are supplied by authors and publishers and curated by the same team of BookBub editors behind their ebook Featured Deals. Submitting your audiobook catalog to Findaway for distribution is the first step, but doesn’t guarantee a promotion.

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